The Covenant

Our Belief

The Church is a community of faith called by God to live in the unity of Christ. Unity is the essence of Church life and the will of our Triune God. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church serves as God’s faithful witness and participates in the ministries of healing, reconciliation, justice and restoring the world to wholeness.

Through baptism, the Church engages in Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. Holy Communion is a visible sign for Christians to demonstrate their commitment to Christ’s mission of redemption and fostering reconciliation to the world. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the church and the disciples are called to restore the broken world, embrace and respect differences, and to live a life of love, justice and peace.

The Church is required to apply Biblical teachings and Christian traditions in context. We choose to demonstrate our solidarity with sexual minorities who have been oppressed and marginalized, as we believe that by doing so we are advancing the Kingdom of God and illuminating the love of Christ in us.

We believe that the church cannot reject those who are accepted by God. God created all human beings in God’s holy image. The church therefore should not regard them as sinful and unclean (Acts 10).